Thursday, September 25, 2008

Every time I see you anywhere near me, I cry

My sister stopped by today. It sure was nice to see her. As an added bonus, she brought fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I love chocolate. And cookies. Yummy!

Sis was looking forward to some baby snuggling time. But N absolutely did not want Sis. He had no problem making this abundantly clear either. Every time Sis would touch N, he would cry. She would hold him and he would immediately start screaming long and loud, stopping shortly after she passed him back to me. She would touch his hand and he would stick his bottom lip out in a perfect pout before dissolving completely, burying his head against my shoulder and weeping. At 4 months old, he's a little young to be making strange, so I really don't know what he found so objectionable about her attentions.

What's wrong, N? Is her pretty blonde hair too bouncy? Her skin too tanned? Do you question her intentions? Dislike chocolate chip cookies? Do you sense that she is a dog person, whereas you are a cat person? Do you object to her political views? Or are you just a big ol' grump who is getting new teeth and really wants his mommy?

Please don't take it personally, Sis. It's not you. It's N. He is teething and grumpy. He loves you. And I love you. (Also: Cookies = Yum!)

Thank you. Come again. Also, bring more cookies. 'Cause: Yum!


Jen Sue Wild said...

Cute blog !!
Found you Via TSTS..
I hope you have a good week end!!


Trish said...

Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by.

jenboglass said...

You know, my daughter was the same way at that age. Not with your sister though. My daughter doesn't know her. But it took her a long time to warm up to anyone.

Simply Stork said...

Hi, I thought I would just pop in for a visit with you :o)

this is a cute blog...I must come back for more reading soon :o)


Trish said...

jenboglass - I think it's the teething that's making N so difficult. I hope he warms up to Sis soon. But for now, he seems pretty displeased with anyone but me. (Sometimes, he doesn't like me much either.)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back!

simply stork - Thanks for popping in. I look forward to seeing you again.