Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's the name of the game?

The van driving down the road. The "Mamma Mia" soundtrack playing merrily in the CD player. Meryl Streep asking earnestly "What's the name of the game"?

Grumpy J: (forcefully) I don't want to tell you!
H: Don't want to tell me what?
Grumpy J: I don't want to tell her the name of the game!

Too bad, Meryl. Now, you will never know.

On a somewhat if not entirely unrelated note, an x-ray was performed today, which is good. I got to see the break and the positioning of the screws. No wonder it hurts so bad! (I mention this because it was how I came to be out in the van tonight ... I've been mostly housebound since getting out of hospital. But I did go out yesterday. To get the staples removed. Didn't hurt as much as I'd expected. Good.)

I was curious about the positioning of the screws. I couldn't get a visual on it. So I was googling "tibial plateau fracture" and looking for images. I hoped to find some x-rays, CT scans, drawings ... that sort of thing. It's interesting stuff. To me. Since I have the particular injury. I expect someone without a tibial plateau fracture would find it less than enjoyable.

More interesting and even less enjoyable, however, is the kind of thing other people think we all want to look at on the Internet. Like the close-up photos of some guy's infected surgical site, labelled "changing the dressing", which someone so thoughtfully posted on Flickr. (You will notice that I did not link to these photos. That's why you love me. And you're welcome.)

So ... what kinds of awful have you found on the Internet?

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