Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Party

Went to A&L's Halloween party last night. We didn't stay for long, as usual. J likes to get to bed pretty early these days. Besides, chasing him up and down the stairs was getting tiresome.

J dressed as a frog. L&P were already there with the girls when we arrived. L and her girls were all dressed as princesses. Andrew managed to get a picture of the princesses with the frog, which we will post if we receive a copy. Priceless!

The height of cuteness was when 4-year old Izzy, in her beautiful Cinderella princess costume, came into the living room carrying J, the frog. She had him under his armpits, and he was just hanging there kind of limply, his feet not quite reaching the floor. She deposited him on the couch and told us that he was too close to the stairs.

She did this twice, by the way.

It was adorable!

J stuffed his face with junk; mostly chips and chocolate cookies. I didn't wish to argue. At least he was eating something, for a change. He seemed to have a nice time, eating junkfood, chasing A&L's cats about, and socializing with his friends. We had fun too. It was good to have a break from school work.

But I must continue to hit the books. I'm almost through 7.4 now. Still have a lot of catching up to do, and a fair bit of Module 7 left to complete.

How many more years of school do I have ahead of me again? Five? Six? How will I possibly get through this?

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