Sunday, October 01, 2006

John's tonsil nuggets

Stupid title, I know. But it covers all the bases. So ...

Saw Elton John last night. Fantastic! Worst seats I've ever had for anything in my life, but I was still thrilled to watch Elton John again. What an amazing pianist!

K&K were kind enough to watch J for us while we went to the concert. Judging from the pictures and video footage they showed us after, it looked like he had lots of fun playing with his little friend, D. They chased each other all over the place, and had lots of fun sitting in D's rocking chair. I'm glad J is becoming so sociable.

J wasn't a really happy little guy today. And tonight, I fed him chicken nuggets 'til he passed out. Literally. He passed out. With a piece of nugget still clenched in his hand. He sleeps now. I hope he sleeps through tonight. These days, he's taken to waking up at 2 am.

And in other news ... my tonsils are infected again. TADA!

Behind in my course. Tired. Grumpy. Need to study, but can't. Must go to sleep and let my tonsils heal. Again. (Why don't they just take them out, already?!?!)


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Draya's Mom said...

I FINANLLY downloaded the camera. I've got one cute shot on D's blog and will burn a CD for you soon.
Any time we've got the time and you need us we'll happily sit him again. He was SO sweet and they had so much fun!