Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Parade

J had a wonderful Halloween yesterday!

His daycare had a Halloween parade for the seniors, and J got to wear his little frog costume and go for a nice ride in the turtle-bus. He received a goodie-bag and some cookies from a witch. And as an added bonus, he also got the opportunity to brighten the day of several people who really needed it. I really like J's daycare because of that particular focus.

Later, we went trick-or-treating. J was very sweet in his little costume. He really enjoyed all the decorations on our street. Our neighbours had a row of lit-up pumpkins up their walkway which he found quite entertaining. And he also enjoyed their ghost that moved its arms and made "Oooooooo" noises as we passed. We carried him from house to house, with his little black-cat goodie basket over his flippered arm. He never ceased to be amazed that people would give him special treats just for ringing their doorbells and looking cute. He smiled happily everytime something landed in his basket. And then he tried to pull it out to take a look. He got lots of candy (mostly chocolate) and a little tin of play-do, which I think is a great idea!

When we came home, he sat on the living room floor with his basket and went through it. He was just so happy! Then he chased the cats around with his candy and scared them. And that was around the time that we decided it was time to go and see the family.

A nice car ride later, and the family who lives nearby had gotten a good look at little J in his Halloween outfit. He received a few more treats, had some Smarties at Grandma and Grandpa's house as a special snack, and then came home for a nice cuddle and bed.

It was a wonderful day. And made even more special by the fact that I got to leave work early to attend the Halloween parade and take pictures. I haven't posted pictures in awhile, and it's about time I got to it. So here are some of the pictures from J's Halloween parade.



memaw said...

How cute; he is just so adorable!!! Glad he had a great day. These days will always be so precious to you. I remember Heathers first Halloween. We dressed her as a witch. She loved the skirt and cloak but would NOT wear the mask. I have several photos and the little cloak to remember that day.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see he was wearing a seatbelt. I bet that wagon goes SMOKIN' FAST!!!

ninedoors said...

That's so awesome. Seein' the little critters in a buggie like that reminds me of the ladies that take kids from the daycare for a walk thorough Canada place and the Citadel everyday. They essentially loop all the toddlers together and walk them on a leash. I call those ladies "The Wild Children Tamers".

Rigmor said...

Ok, so he is not the scariest frog/lizard I have seen in my life, but he is by far the cutest!