Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More throat stuff

Throat. Sore. So sore.

Lozenges do not help.
Tea does not help.
Cold does not help.
Heat does not help.
Honey does not help.
Garlic does not help.
Fluids do not help.
Chewable vitamin C does not help.
Tylenol does not help.

Nothing helps.

There used to be a mouth rinse that you could get by prescription. It did nothing to heal the throat. But it contained a freezing agent and, if you gargled with it, it would numb the throat so you couldn't feel it anymore.

I wish I had some. But I don't.

Dinner tonight was soft-serve ice cream and fruit juice. I can't swallow anything more solid than that. I can barely even speak.

My glands are so swollen I can actually see them. My head is in a constant state of migraine. My ears are plugged and I can barely hear anything now. I feel exhausted. I cough 'til I gag.

And yet, I only took one day off of work to be sick. Now, I continue to go into work every day. I work a full day. And then I come home and study.

I am an idiot.

I realize this. I recognize my idiocy. But it doesn't stop me. Tomorrow, I will go in to work. I will work a full day. And then I will come home and study. Because I am an idiot, and it is what I do.

If I can't speak at all tomorrow, I may stay home. But I doubt it.


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Mary said...

Taking care of yourself is the one thing you must do. Cause no one can do it for you. Words to live by.

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