Sunday, October 15, 2006

Why so dumb, chum?

I fed J some apple pieces the other night. He decided that he only likes the juice, and he spat out the chewed up pieces once he'd gotten the yummy juice out. Then he tried to give them to me in a most unpleasant way, resulting in a new episode of "Things You Never Thought You'd Hear Yourself Say":

"Mommy does not want to eat your regurgitated apple bits.


I went to the doctor last Monday. I said that I appeared to have developed a bladder infection. A urinalysis showed nothing. I was on antibiotics for the bronchitis, so shouldn't have developed a bladder infection. I was told to drink cranberry juice and go back to see them on Friday if I still didn't feel better.

I decided that this meant I had developed a severe case of hypochondria. There is nothing wrong with me. And if I simply ignore it, it will go away.


And on Sunday, I was in such tremendous discomfort that I could no longer ignore the situation. It's real, dang it! I went back to the doctor. But if it's real, and it's not a bladder infection, what could it be?

I had roughly three hours to ponder that while I waited in the doctor's office for it to be my turn. I was not bored, for I got to run to the bathroom every ten minutes. I was even given a little cup by the nurse so that they could check in the office rather than sending me out to a lab. "But it's not a bladder infection" I thought inwardly; "we've already established that". Confident that my urinalysis would reveal nothing, and that it wasn't all in my head either, I waited to discover just what the heck else might be causing the symptoms I'd been exhibiting.

Saw the doctor.

It's not all in my head. I should have known that. Because it appears that there is nothing in my head.

I have a severe bladder infection. It's resistant to the antibiotics I was taking. I needed new antibiotics. Five-day course. And if it's still like this at the end of the treatment, I will need to take an anti-spasmodic drug to finish the job.

It hurts. A lot.

I feel foolish. I should have trusted myself. Shouldn't have waited so long. Should have persisted after the first test showed nothing. Probably should have just made them redo the test. But I did none of these things. And now, I will have to endure this intense discomfort for a longer period of time.

At least I went back before it worked its way up into my kidneys. That's a good thing, right?

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