Saturday, October 21, 2006

School stuff

Just for my own basis of measurement:

I have completed 39% of my midterm assignment. It is due in 2.5 weeks.

I have begun work on Module 6, but have not gotten very far yet. The Module 6 quiz is due in approximately 4 days. I must get cracking. I will get back to my midterm after I complete the Module 6 quiz.

I have to go back and finish reading Modules 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, and 5.7.

I still have 4 modules and 2 quizzes to complete after I finish Module 6. And then, I have two weeks of exam prep time.

I must run the self-tests for each of the 10 modules. I would like to listen to all of the audio lectures, if I have time; however, if I run short on time, this will be the area that I neglect. Sometimes, you just can't do it all. I must at least run the exam review audio lectures, as these are most helpful. And I must do as many practice exams as possible in preparation for the final exam.

My final exam is on December 8.

I am officially at the start of crunch-time. It would be later, but the blasted midterm assignment and quiz 4 are due on the same day! I wish they would stagger the two as due in alternating weeks. It would be far more practical.


Yes, it is the start of crunch-time. Yes, I missed swimming with J this morning. Yes, I feel sad that I missed swimming with J this morning. Yes, I spent the time with my textbooks instead of with my son.

But today, I took some time before the boys left for swimming to snuggle and play with J. I sat him on my lap on the living room floor and fed him toast with peanut butter and milk. We played "Block the Baby" (where I attempt to use minimal effort to keep J from going places where he oughtn't; "Block the Baby" is one of J's favorite games, when he is happy). We cuddled, and watched cartoons, and ate, and played, and laughed. And then I got him into his little coat and hat, and he left for swimming with H. And I worked on my midterm for the next two hours.

So yes, it is shaping up to be a very good day. And I really hope the rest of the day proves to be both fun and productive.

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