Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Random Crypticness

Just for entertainment, walk around your office saying "I'm all out of Percocet". Entertaining. But sadly, true. Ow.

A very smiley J, wearing pastel green and blue one-piece pajamas with feet, a brown faux leather aviator jacket, and a red and black felt Elmer Fudd hat with ear flaps ran up to me tonight as I lay on the couch and demanded "Uppie". He makes me happy.

Why is my course site down? It's been down for most of the evening. I'd like it to come back up again. Very much. Behind. Been working with the site down. But I need it.

Friends and family are expecting. I am very happy for all of them. But my glee is tempered by a terrible loss to those nearest me. Near and dear. Sudden and tragic. RIP.

Happy. Sad. Frustrated. Pained. It's a rough kind of night for mood.

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