Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Colour me self-involved

I'm sick. I have added a migraine to my tonsillitis issue. My throat is so scratchy that speech is difficult. But I'm still working away. Took yesterday off from the office, but went back today. And tonight, I attempted to study. With a migraine. Like an idiot.

Studying takes a lot of concentration when you have a migraine. It can't be done without excluding everything else in your life. And personally, I have a really hard time switching gears when I have a migraine. Case in point: Tonight, I was working on some of my quiz questions, when the phone rang, and one of my dear friends (DF) needed to talk to me. And the conversation went something like this:

DF: My son fell.

Me: Convertible bonds? Are they liability or equity instruments?

DF: I feel so bad!

Me: These are at the issuer's option ... with interest ... that's module 4.2, right?

DF: Do you think he's okay?

Me: Carry the 3 ...
And it kind of kept going like that until my sweet, kind DF agreed to talk shop with me and we had a lengthy discussion about convertible bonds and hybrid classifications. We didn't really ever get back to what was important. I failed to see it at the time. I realize it now. But it's too late to phone!!

So if the above conversation sounds kind of familiar to you, I apologize for my insensitivity and self-involvement this evening. And next time you call, I promise to try harder to remember to close my textbooks, turn off my computer, and listen to you. (And I'm sure your son is just fine!)

Me bad friend. Me sorry.

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