Friday, June 03, 2005

Wanting to Study for my CORES Level II

It's a corporate registry accreditation, and they run challenge exams every so often. Having my level II will give me an added boost in the legal field. There are 3 levels, and I have the level I already. I have to get the levels in order, of course. And to pass the exam, I'll need at least an 80%. I've got all the materials printed off and organized. (It's just a huge book!) Now, all I need is some time to study. But I can't do it with the baby in my arms, and he hates his swing and isn't too pleased with his bouncy chair either. He figures all of his awake time should be spent being held. So I can only study when he naps. (It's not like typing - I need both hands free to maneuver the big book and do the practice work.)

Now, J's started to be awake more. I like that he's getting more interactive, but it does make it tough to study. Usually, when he's awake, he's either feeding or crying. Though the colic is improving, it's still an issue, so he cries a fair bit. But he's also having bouts of "wide-eyed wonderment", which are very cute. He just stares into our eyes for long periods of time. He really likes faces now, so he had some fun today looking at himself in the mirror, and reaching out to touch. It was all very cute! But I still couldn't study, of course.

Perhaps I'll get to study a bit this weekend. H is off work and, as long as J's crying doesn't get too disruptive, it might buy me some time. I'll see how that goes. My dad is coming to help us put in a raised garden bed tomorrow, so that will eat up some of our time. But it's one of those household chores that has to be done. One of many that have been neglected, I'm afraid.

I hope J's colicky disposition improves at that magical 3-month mark. (He'll be 2 months old on Tuesday.) If he'll accept less time being held and driven about in the car, I may actually be able to take the exam in fall. I hope so. I need to try and take another accounting course in fall too, but can't do that one-handed either!

Ah well, we shall see. Anyway, it's burp time for baby. Need both hands now! (Sigh!)

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