Monday, June 27, 2005

On J's Weight & Thrush

J weighed in at 8 lbs 13-1/2 oz today!! (He gained 8-1/2 oz in 6 days, my little piggy.)

He has an appointment tomorrow morning at 9:00 to get his tongue-tie released. He'll be over at the hospital for that procedure, but it should be quick and we'll be taking him right home after. I hope this will improve his eating issues and he'll soon stop hurting me when he feeds.

My thrush infection has not cleared up, and it looks just as pronounced as it did last week. Thankfully, J seems unaffected. The lactation specialist, Dr. G, thinks I may have some eczema there as well. She's prescribed two steroid creams to deal with the eczema issue, and I have to continue taking the thrush medication as well. I see her again on July 8 to assess the situation. Hopefully things will soon clear up and I'll be able to feed J without experiencing this pain.

Dr. G has instructed me to limit J's time at the breast. He likes to suck on things, and he has a really strong sucking reflex; he'll stay on one side for 45 minutes at a time, even though he can't possibly still be getting milk. It takes around 2 hours to feed the little guy this way! So Dr. G has instructed me to pop him off after 20 minutes and make him switch sides. That should help me out some.

On another note, I am feeling despondent today. I have been for a few days now. I think I'm probably over-tired, and possibly coming down with a cold. But for whatever reason, I have the blues just now. I think I may hermit here for a bit; I'm not much fun when I feel like this. I will definitely try to get a nap in today, as I think it may help my mood.

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