Sunday, June 19, 2005

Medical Stuff

J is a breastfed baby. He is supposed to have poops that are very wet and kind of a mustardy yellow. It has never been a concern before. But all day yesterday and part of the day before, J had very green poops. They were kind of dry and green. We were alarmed and checked with the health line. They theorized that J was getting too much frontmilk and not enough of the rich hindmilk that he needs (it's a problem with "oversupply"). A suggestion I received was to express away some of the frontmilk before breastfeeding him.

Since he is really hurting me when he eats now, we are giving him bottles of expressed milk virtually any time H is home. But on Friday, when H was working, I had noticed that J wasn't eating as well as usual. He just kept fussing at the breast. I thought maybe the green poops were the after-effects from that, as it was entirely possible he hadn't gotten to the good hindmilk all day long and only received the good stuff in his bottle feed that evening. We decided to continue to bottle feed him yesterday and just keep a really close eye on it.

And as of now, his poops have returned to the usual color. I truly never thought I'd be so happy about poop! But we know that green stuff is cause for alarm, and I was really worried all day yesterday, and even at his 4 a.m. feed (which he woke for again today) when it was all green. Hopefully it will stay a normal color now and we won't have to worry about it any longer.

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