Saturday, June 11, 2005

All "Pooh-ed" Out

As parents, we are mere pawns, catering to the merciless whims of "Disney".

The J is sleeping in his bassinet, lined with a Classic Pooh receiving blanket from Winners. He wears a blue and green pantsuit with a large Tigger in the corner, a gift from my brother, R, and his wife, C. He also sports a Pooh Bear bib, courtesy of the lovely Miss Dottie P., along with the matching hat and booties that we purchased from Zellers. His ensemble is completed with a Tigger soother. The Pooh Bear and Tigger beanies, from my sister, J, add the finishing touch to these lovely shots, don't you think?

1 comment:

Holly said...

These are just too cute!

In particular, I must have a copy of the close up of him sleeping with Pooh bib, hat and soother in full view (bottom one). Doesn't that photo just have scrapbook written all over it? Can't you hear it calling to me "scrapbook me, Auntie, please scrapbok me"!