Friday, June 24, 2005

Very energetic today

Crib mattress is in crib. Waterproof mattress pad and crib sheet are on mattress. Crib quilt is hung over side of crib; it needs to be washed. Activity toy is installed in crib. Board books are in shelving unit. H still needs to adjust the height of the mattress - it's on the lowest level at the moment, and it should not be. I could probably adjust it, but H likes to play with tools, so I'll not deprive him of that one.

Baby's room is really coming along. Soon, J will be able to sleep in there. I must go and change his diaper now, then grab some lunch, and I'm thinking of taking him over to the health centre to be weighed today. And hopefully I'll fit in a nap this afternoon also. The weekend could be busy, and rest is in order.

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