Thursday, June 02, 2005

J's Day (June 1)

Well, little J woke up yesterday morning needing to be changed and fed. I changed his wet diaper, and he peed during the diaper change all over his sleeper. Put him in a new sleeper, and then fed him. Then I started to burp him. Two minutes into burping, he pooped. I'm supposed to try and keep him upright for 15-20 minutes after feeding (he has some reflux issues), so tried to wait to change him. But I couldn't, as his diaper started to leak and the poop was on his little white sleeper and getting all over me.

So I went off to change him. Got the new diaper on him, and laid him back down so I could rinse out the clothes as best I could. Returned to get him and put him in a new sleeper, and discovered he'd vomited all into his hair. Washed his hair, got him dressed, and held him up to continue with burping as he was still spitting up some. That's when he abruptly moved off the burp cloth and vomited on my outfit. Continued to hold him upright (figured I'd change later), and he loudly pooped again ... but he was still spitting up, so I had to wait to change him.

15 minutes passes. So, I go to change him again. Before I can get the diaper safely away, he wrenches his foot free and puts it in the poopy diaper, then into the diaper cream. I clean his foot and his bum and start to get him changed. He then starts to spit up again. I get it cleaned up before he gets it in his hair, then put a burp cloth under his head to keep it from getting in his hair. He cries, not wanting a burp cloth under his head. (Babies!) But he gets changed and does not get more spit-up in his hair. (Score one for mommy.)

He seems to have finished spitting up, so I put him back in his bassinet and get myself into a clean outfit. I pick him up to take him downstairs, put his soother in his mouth, and start to walk away. And he spits up - through the soother - all over the clean outfit I am now wearing.
He then fell asleep in my arms and, though it had to be unintentional, I swear he was giving me the finger!!

On a bright note, that was all in the morning. In the afternoon, we went to see Madagascar with theatre_mommy and A. It was really cute, and J was a perfect angel during the movie. He just slept!

Anyway, he's finished his midnight feed now and is wanting his soother. Off we go!

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