Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I have been baptized

J rocket-pooed me this morning.

We are actually not having the best morning so far. At both his 4:00 a.m. feedings and this most recent feed, he got frustrated and bit me. Man does that hurt! And I don't think he even got enough milk from either feed. After this most recent feeding, I went to change his diaper. He peed on himself and all over his sleeper, so I decided to get him dressed for the day. He then started spitting up (fortunately, I now just keep a burp cloth under his head during diaper changes, so it didn't get in his hair this time around). I dealt with some of the spit up, then returned to the diaper change. Had his diaper off, new diaper under him, and was just starting to put on his diaper cream, and that was when it happened. Rocket-poo!

We're all cleaned up now, and J is in his bassinet where he is happy. I'm about to grab him so we can get to the Medicentre when they open at 9:00 and avoid a long wait. Neither J's pediatrician nor my GP can see him before July 8, and that's just too far away when he's having feeding difficulties like this. So off I go, to the Medicentre's (somewhat questionable, in my opinion) doctors, to ask for a lactation referral. This time, I'm also going to try for a referral to an oral surgeon who may be able to treat J's tongue tie.

I have concluded that all the best doctors are not taking new patients and are overbooked, so you cannot see them when you need to. It's a shame that when we really need a doctor right away, we have to go to someone who's (maybe) not as good. When I really need a doctor right away, that's when the really good doctor would actually be handy.

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