Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Doctors Annoy Me

We had our lactation appointment today. They were quite smart. But doctors up until now have really bugged me. Especially now that I have gotten some good advice.

It seems the reason breastfeeding has been so painful is that I have somehow gotten thrush. It's a bad case, and has resulted in some fairly extensive nipple damage. Of course, if I would have been referred to the lactation consultants earlier, or if any doctor I complained of pain to had bothered to look at me, it would have been caught earlier and I'd have been treated earlier on and be doing better now. As it is, I have to start a 2 week course of medication. Thank God for benefits, as the meds were just over $100 without the benefits (works out to around $6.75 per pill). I also have been prescribed Codeine for the pain in the interim. And I've received some good tips for how to feed J more effectively. His weight gain is less than optimal, so they recommend I change how I'm feeding him to try and get him more milk. I have a follow up appointment with them on Monday. Hopefully we can turn things around and bring J's weight gain more in line. I hate the idea of having to give up breastfeeding or having to supplement with formula, but if I can't get him to gain weight with just my milk, I may have to do that. I sure hope not, though.

The lactation doctor has referred J to a pediatric surgeon to snip his tongue tie. Since J isn't gaining enough weight and I've been damaged from feeding him, they have decided that we can go ahead with that procedure if we like. And since it's a simple procedure without any risks, we've decided to go ahead with it. The surgeon is on vacation until Monday, so we'll get our appointment at that time.

Hopefully once these things are dealt with, J will eat better.

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