Friday, June 24, 2005

Teddy Bear Hammock

Today's large task: load teddy bear hammock. Done!

J has many stuffed animals - some from friends and family, and some that were saved from when I was a child. We got our teddy bear hammock (jumbo sized) installed a couple of days ago, and H along with my dad started to load it up while my mom and I tried to console a crying J. Dad and H thought it couldn't hold a great deal, and certainly nowhere near what was advertised on the box, and they finished up with a closet full of stuffed animals remaining behind, scratching their heads, wondering where we would ever put them all. Mom thought they had possibly installed the wrong hammock, as we had a regular sized one as well as the jumbo size. (Hopefully, theatre_mommy will benefit from the regular sized hammock.) But no; it was the jumbo one that got installed. As with any hammock, the teddy bear hammock becomes more stable as it is filled. So this morning, I unloaded it, pulled all the toys out of the closet, and sorted all of the animals by size. Then I loaded the hammock back up. I am pleased to report that it holds all of the animals I was trying to fit into it, with a small amount of room to spare.

Of course, it is situated in the only spot it could go: in the corner that reaches over J's change table. So we will have to watch like a hawk to ensure that the hammock remains stable as toys are unloaded for him to play with and reloaded afterward. Oh well. It sure clears up a lot of space! And it is a nice, stable spot to put all his stuffed toys. YAY!!

J is waking up now. Off we go.

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