Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Evil Medicentre

I just got back from the Medicentre. Despite my 9:00 arrival, right when they opened, there were already 7 people waiting to get in ahead of us. So roughly 2 hours later, we were seen.

The good news is that I managed to get the lactation referral. The bad news is that I had to argue to even get that much, and I couldn't get the referral to the oral surgeon. Perhaps the lactation specialists will refer us.

I am once more unimpressed with the Medicentre. I told the doctor about J having problems latching on and getting enough milk, and I told him that we had begun supplementing with bottles of pumped milk so that he could get more into him, and I told him that it was painful to breastfeed, and I told him that J becomes frustrated and then bites and badly bruises me. His answer? He said that as long as I was pumping and feeding J the expressed milk, that was sufficient! My answer? "Not to me, it isn't."

He also confirmed that J is tongue-tied (I don't think I would have believed a Medicentre doctor if I hadn't heard it from the community health nurse already), but he said that he didn't think it was "that bad" a case, and J may be able to "overcome it". I don't want him to have to overcome it! Especially not when the procedure that corrects it is so incredibly simple (and he even confirmed that is the case). I mean, if it were a complex and dangerous procedure, that would be another story entirely. But this is just a little tiny snip with the scissors. They don't even anesthetize first. It's very basic.

Anyway, I will make my peace with getting one referral at a time. I will get to go to the lactation consultants. They can always refer us to a doctor to correct the tongue-tie at that time.

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