Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First Taste of Solids

Today, J decided that milk wasn't good enough. I was feeding him, and I was feeling a bit peckish and was eating a chocolate covered wafer candy bar at the same time. (It was really yummy!) Anyway, a piece fell on J's cheek while I was eating it and, before I could stop him, he turned his head and grabbed it into his mouth, melted chocolate still on his little cheek. The wafer quickly dissolved and was swallowed before I could do anything about it. He seemed quite content. No allergic reactions resulted, so it is all a-okay. But I still will not be offering my little boy candy on a regular basis.

Enjoy it, kid. That's all you'll be getting for a really long time!!

He's crabby tonight. REALLY crabby tonight. Poor H has his hands full right now. J is getting a bottle, so he's quiet at the moment, but he was sobbing uncontrollably a moment ago. Crazy baby! Hopefully he will go to sleep soon and we will get some peace.

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