Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Snip snip

J's tongue-tie is released. We got in to the hospital at 9:00 and were home by 10:00. He just ate. Happy little boy in bassinet now.

He cried very briefly, because he was lying on the table instead of being held. He stopped crying as soon as we picked him up after the procedure. He had a couple of little drops of blood he spat out right away, but not much. It really didn't seem to hurt him at all. There was no anesthetic required, and it was all very simple. J can now move his tongue properly, without any issues, and he can open his mouth wider which is already making his latch a bit better. There is no post-op treatment required - his little tongue is just fine now. He is enjoying his new freedom and experimenting with how far out he can push his tongue. So cute!

He still has the little heart-shaped notch at the tip of his tongue. The pedi says he's been pulling against the tie for long enough that it will probably take about a month for the notch to correct itself. But it should correct itself. YAY!! I'm so glad it is done!

I'm feeling a bit better today. Have a headache, and am still in a bit of hermit mode, but it's improving. Thanks to all my friends for the support yesterday. This too shall pass.

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