Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Quick update

Went back to work yesterday. Done training now, and will get to start working on files tomorrow. Lots to learn. Procedures and new software. Tough.

It's a nice place. People are friendly. Perks are fantastic. I think I'll like it, if I can get past being away from J for so long.

J actually seems unscathed by the transition. But I have a tough time being away from him for so long. It hits me hard around 10:00, when we should be watching Sesame Street together. Just a silly little thing. I'll adapt. I have to.

Got my course grade back. I don't have exam stats yet, but I passed. I got 94%, which works out to 95% on the final and my quiz components that brought it down a percent. I am happy.

Behind in my current course, though. I have to eat dinner and then get back to it. Midterm and next quiz due next week. Ick!


Mary said...

Congrats on the final grade! You worked hard and you deserve it!

Trish said...

Thanks! I eagerly await the exam stats. I wonder if I got high grade across the province on this one. Hmm...

I did almost no coursework again tonight. I can't stay motivated. Not good.

Draya's Mom said...

Draya is about to go into day care full time, her father got a job that starts on Monday.
Funny, I'm not as happy about that (the job)as I though I would be. I haven't minded sending her a day or two a week for socilazation but 4-5 days a week feels "worse" some how. I LIKED havving her at home with daddy.