Saturday, May 13, 2006

And an Internet connection for my dishwasher

According to my textbook:

In addition to computers, many other devices can be connected to the Internet, including cell phones, PDAs, and home appliances.

Interesting. Home appliances, huh?



Draya's Mom said...

Must be those fancy new fridge/tv/computer set ups. You can surf the net, watch your soaps AND make lunch.

Rigmor said...

Draya's mom probably has a point. I was thinking of a vacuum cleaner logged on to the internet, but I struggle to understand what the point would be of that.

Draya's Mom said...

Well if you can log your vacuum into the net, control it like a toy car, and vacuum from work during your lunch break maybe it would be useful???
Ah toys for the stupidly rich who have money to burn... must be nice:)

Trish said...

See, I'd love to have a vacuum just like that. A webcam sort of deal, where I could go into a specific site while on lunch at work and see where my vacuum is going, directing it appropriately with my handy-dandy remote control.

Of course, that would really eat into my studying time.

Nah. I don't think I need an Internet connection for any home appliances.

Though e-toast would be an interesting concept ...