Monday, May 22, 2006

Arise and walk, my son

J walked today. He's taken maybe a step or two before, going between objects, as he cruises around holding onto the furniture. But today, he took around 5 little steps, totally unsupported. First he stood unsupported for quite some time, and then he walked over to the cardboard box that he was wanting.

I was happy that I was there to see it. I would have been sad to have missed that milestone.

J has cut more teeth. He now has 3 teeth on the bottom and 4 on top. Hopefully soon, he will be able to eat more solid food. He's still mostly into pureed food, unless it's a bread product. He ate french fries, and thought they were kind of yummy. But we won't give them to him often. I hope he'll learn to eat better very soon. We'll keep working at that one.

Tonight, J decided that he is the jealous type. We went to visit a friend who has two young children, one being a baby just a couple of months older than J. I tickled the baby. J sat there, watching us. Then he snarled. And then he growled. (Seriously! He actually went "Grrrrrrrrrr".) Apparently, I am not to pay attention to strange babies. It angers the J.

Can't wait until this exam is over, and then I can hang with J more through summer. I feel good about my decision to take summer away from school. It is a wise choice. I am, as usual, less than confident about my exam. I hope I pass; I don't want to have to look at this course again. The next 17 days promise to be extremely busy. I will be missing my family horribly as I hang out away from home, trying to get through the last 2 modules and prepare for my exam. (I can't get anything done here.)

17 more days of crazy panicked studying, and then my life is mostly my own again for nearly 3 whole months! YIPPEE!!

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Draya's Mom said...

I find it SO cool that our kids picked the same day to walk 5 steps for the first time!!