Saturday, May 06, 2006


Six questions down and three to go to complete my midterm, which is due this Wednesday. Four quizzes done and one to go to complete the quiz component (last quiz due in just over 2 weeks). Final exam on June 8. I know that I will be prepared to write. I am not prepared now, of course. And obviously, I shouldn't be; I have another month!

Yesterday. Yesterday, J should have been one year old. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, J will be 13 months old. Pondering that just now. Wishing I could have held out the extra month. Feeling guilt tonight. I let him down.

Went to Izzy's 4th birthday party today. J gave her a digital camera. It was very costly; H and I had to sit through an entire timeshare presentation to get it. But Izzy is worth it. It worked when we got it. But it wasn't working today. I desperately hope the batteries are just dead, and that the camera will work once they are replaced. I'd hate to disappoint Izzy.

Tired. Must go to bed. But first, must pill and feed cats. (Put cat in her pajamas, lock J in the bathroom with the cat food ...)


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