Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Green Day's Journey Into Night

So, I got this from the Nice Guy. And H and I have been playing this game for awhile now. It's fun. Addictive. But fun.

The idea is to take a book (or play) and a band, and meld them together in some manner.

Like so:

Slaughterhouse Jackson 5
Bowling for Chicken Soup for the Soul
Tom Sawyer & The Heartbreakers
Little Red Riderhood
The Wonderful Wizard of Ozzy
Alice in Wonderchains
Of Mice and Men-At-Work
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow & Oates
Anna & The Kinks of Siam
The Beatles of Madison County
The Glass Tiger Menagerie
Into Thin Lizzie Air
Interview with a Van Halen
The Chronicles of Nirvana
Bon Jovi of the Vanities
Green Day's Journey Into Night

(H stresses that "Cake" is also a band name, and it ought to be used to excess in this particular game.)

And it works for children too:

But Not the Tragically Hippopotamus
Pat the Bunny Benatar
Bowling for Green Eggs and Soup

There are more. There are always more. But I think you get the point, so ...

Give it a try. What can you come up with?

Keep the comments coming!


Mary said...

I could only think of one.
"The Salmon of No Doubt"

Trish said...

Three Doors Watership Down
The Hounds of the Baskervillage People
The Cake Also Rises

Trish said...

The Grapes of Ratt

Trish said...

Alanis Doesn't Live Here Any Morissette

Trish said...

Fine Young Hanibal
The Depeche Code