Monday, May 22, 2006

Said and heard

He said:
Honey, when do you think you might get a chance to do some laundry?

She heard:
Get off the couch and wash my clothes, you lazy woman! It's not as though you have anything else to do. And stop eating those bonbons; you'll chunk out, and I don't want a fat wife. Besides, I paid for those candies with my hard earned money. Because I work for a living. Unlike you. I just can't believe you haven't washed my clothes yet. Now I don't have anything decent to wear tonight when I go to watch the strippers. All because of the "baby". Yeah. Right.


Come now. You must learn to laugh at yourselves. It's funny. Really.

Wait. What are you doing with that shotgun? No, seriously! We're laughing with you! With you!

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