Tuesday, May 09, 2006


H got a promotion. It is very exciting. He wants to buy himself something to celebrate. And the obvious purchase would be one of his fancy-shmancy car models that he's been collecting for years. But they already line bookshelves and walls throughout the house, taking up far too much room in my tiny little office, and we are running out of room for them. Besides, H is never one to go for the obvious. And so he sat this evening, contemplating. What to buy?

And then it hit him. And he knew what to get. A new baby!

But he's talked himself out of it now. His logic went something like this.

A new baby is very expensive, after all. And the old one is still in pretty good shape. Doesn't have a lot of miles on it yet; really, it's only been up the stairs a few times. And if we get a new one, we'll be arguing over who gets it. 'Cause the old baby's really starting to show its age. And it has no heat, and just talks incessantly in that bad AM radio way, 'cause that's the only station it gets. Besides, none of its controls work. And it doesn't even come with power locks! But it'll do in a pinch. The old baby is still pretty reliable, really, despite its shortcomings. And, as we all know, a new baby will lose 20% of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. Bad investment. No new baby.

I think H is a bit confused...

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Anonymous said...

"Bad investment. No new baby."
- I couldn't agree more.