Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dear ISP

Please explain yourself, as I fail to understand why my homepage prominently displays an ever-so-creepy picture of Hanibal Lector front and centre. Nobody wants to see that. Especially not first-thing in the morning or late at night. And I am quite certain there are more pleasant things you could have come up with for me to look at.

I would appreciate it if you would remove the scary and demented picture immediately, as it has been up for an exceptionally long time and is seriously creeping me out!

No love,

Hating My Homepage


Liz said...

Ummm, and the reason you haven't just changed your homepage is?


Trish said...

Logical. But ...

It's the homepage that belongs to my ISP, and it has other interesting features that I like. But the whole Hanibal Lector thing is just getting to be just too much.