Saturday, March 10, 2007

How do I operate the ...

I'm going to try to post this again. I tried earlier. But it just showed up as a blank post. Stupid new Blogger!

Anyway ...

J loves playing with his "Moto", which is his word for "remote control". He doesn't much care which remote control it is. If he can have more than one, so much the better. J dearly loves his "Moto".

J: TV-uh On!
H: You want the TV on?
J: TV-uh On!
H: Okay. Turn the TV on.
J: TV-uh On! (turns the TV on)
H: Okay.
J: TV-uh On! (turns the TV off)
H: Okay.
J: Book!
H: Book? You want the instruction manual?
J: E-Yeah!

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Holly A said...

Very cute! Evan's name for the remote when he was J's age was "mocha troll".