Sunday, March 11, 2007


Reading my Economics. Dry, dry, dry, dry, dry.

One more exam review audio lecture to listen to. Eleven more past and practice exams to run. Not quite enough time, I don't think. Something will have to give. And I've got to take a break, 'cause I'm falling asleep here.

H and J are out with J's Grannie today. She just got back into town last night and has been quite badly missed. We have her magazine rack at our house still, and J will periodically run over and drag it into the living room while calling for Grannie. I hope they are enjoying their afternoon out. I'd love to have gone to visit with her also, but I couldn't spend an afternoon away from my books at this stage of exam prep. Soon, though. Very soon, I will be done my exam. And then, my time will be more my own once more. Well, aside from the whole tax season thing. So really, come May I'll be on better ground. I think.

I am so happy that I have next semester off of school! I really needed that break. But I'll be taking Tax over summer. It will be good to get that one over with. But it sure will eat into my summer enjoyment. :(

Okay. Busy week ahead. Back to the books now. Ick!

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