Thursday, March 15, 2007

Exam is done!!

I feel quite strongly that I passed that. I can already see areas where I messed up. And there was one question that totally threw me for a loop. I know for certain that I have lost a good five marks on the obvious stuff that I missed. But I passed, and that's all I care about!

I took every blessed second of that exam. And I didn't get to double-check anything. So I hope I did things right the first time.

So there ya go. Done Level 1. And I have next term off of school, which will be really good. Woot!


In other news, poor little J is all sick again. He has a very bad chest cold, and has been coughing a lot. I forgot to call daycare today to let them know he wouldn't be there. So I feel pretty badly about that, but such is life. I'll phone them tomorrow and apologize for the oversight.

I hope J's cold is just the typical thing. But it's right down in the chest, and it makes me a bit nervous. I do not like the sound of that cough.

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