Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And I won't tell them your name

J has learned to say his name. Finally. T is ecstatic. His newfound skill comes in spurts, however. Tonight, we were chatting with the neighbours:

H: Can you tell her your name?
J: Puppy!
H: Come on, J. Tell her your name.
J: Yellow Nee-naw!

(For those who are wondering, Nee-naw is J's word for his soother. He has a yellow one, and a blue one, and he calls for each by turn.)


Today, J lost his Panda. He was at daycare. I went to pick him up, and it wasn't there. But the good people at daycare understood Panda's importance to J. They stayed late and just tore the whole place apart searching. Eventually, they found Panda. They called to let us know that Panda was there. T picked him up on her way home.

I am very impressed with the good people at J's daycare, that they would put themselves out like that over something so small as a child's lost teddy-bear. They really care about J and his little friends, and it makes us very happy.


On the subject of daycare, J has a girlfriend at his daycare. Her name is Bridget, and she always helps J to get dressed to go home. Coat ... hat ... mittens. Then they kiss good-bye. She is a very cute little girl. T thinks she just believes J is a special little interactive doll she can play with. But I know my son, and he's quite the lady's man.

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