Monday, March 05, 2007

I've got the power

Lights are on.
Heat works.

Observations for the evening:

We have a lot of candles.
You should always know where your candles are.
And your lighters.
And your flashlights.
And batteries.
We know where all of these things are.
Thankfully, they are all very conveniently located.
Candles do not give off a lot of heat.
Forced candlelight does not provide romantic ambience.
And you can't study with the lights off.
Houses without furnaces cool off rather quickly in winter.
Noses and toes get cold quickly.
Many quilts and blankets are helpful.
Use all of them to keep your children toasty warm.
Time estimates are wildly inaccurate.
Inaccurate time estimates really annoy us.
Annoyance further dampens any potential romantic ambience.
The power company is really quite useless.

And cold computers make horrible noises!

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