Tuesday, February 27, 2007

School update

I am now officially only 19 submodules behind.


One more submodule, and I will have completed module 7. I have almost half of module 8 done already, so that will put me at two and a half modules behind.

If I can get some really good study time in this weekend and complete all of my modules, I may be able to get enough study time in to write the exam. If not ... I think I'll have to try to write anyway. My program advisor (finally) got back to me today to advise that I would qualify for a deferral, but that they don't recommend I take one as I'd lose my 93% course mark, cost myself $80, and apparently students who defer generally do poorly on the exam. So I'll do my best and try to go ahead and write.

Only a 53% on the exam ... just 53% ...

Starting to become a theme ...

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