Sunday, March 25, 2007

An open letter to the woman in the red car in the Timmy's line

Dear Kindhearted Lady:

I wish I could find you to tell you in person how much your generosity and kindness meant to us today. The fact that you chose to buy breakfast for the strangers in the car behind yours in the Tim Horton's line is an unusually thoughtful gesture. And ordinarily, this in itself would make a person's day. But you have no idea.

This morning, we were driving to a restaurant to have breakfast out. As we were safely stopped at a red light, our young son having a catnap in the back, we were suddenly struck from behind by another vehicle. The impact was intense, to say the least. We were pushed forward about 15 feet into the van in front of ours, which was the first in line at the lights. The impact that we had taken was so strong that this second impact pushed the other vehicle into the intersection where there was, thankfully, no oncoming traffic.

Our baby screamed and cried in the back. I reached for him, took him out of his carseat, and cuddled him until he felt better. But I was already very sore and stiff. H and the two other drivers exchanged information, and we all agreed to go to the police station together to report the accident.

We spent a considerable period of time at the police station. Once we were through reporting the accident, we left. We thought it best if we went to the doctor to have ourselves and little J all checked out. We were particularly concerned for our little boy, J, who is not quite 2 years old yet. We knew that he would not withstand the long wait at a walk-in clinic without having some breakfast first, and so we first went to the Tim Horton's drive-thru to pick up some breakfast for ourselves and our little boy before we went to the doctor to check on our injuries.

And that is where you came in and absolutely made our day. Thank you so much for your kindness and your generosity. You will never know how much this small gesture meant to us on this particular day. You are a wonderful person, and we appreciate you so much.

Once again, thank you so much.


For those of you reading this who may be concerned, the verdict from the doctor is that I have a whiplash injury. J's carseat did its job, and he appears to be just fine thus far. We have replaced the carseat, as we all know that carseats, just like bike helmets, are only made to withstand one such impact. H is showing no negative effects as of yet, but the doctor says that soft-tissue injuries can take up to a month to rear their ugly heads.

So I am now on Codeine for pain, and may need some physio to treat the injuries. Wheeeee!

And I still absolutely adore the woman in the Timmy's line, who I don't even know and likely will never know. I think she's just the sweetest thing ever! Since we cannot repay her directly, we will repay her kindness to others.

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Holly A said...

Wow! What a thing to happen. So sorry to hear about this accident. At least it sounds like you're doing as well as can be expected. Keep an eye on the little guy. What an experience for him. Glad you already replaced the car seat. Bummer about the new van, though.

What an amazing lady in the Tim Horton's line! Sorta restores your faith, doesn't it!