Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Your goose is cooked

Out tonight. Passed a sign.

Canada Goose
No Entry
Except Boat
and Trailer

H: Because geese have to use the servant's entrance. We don't want that kind coming in here, you know. Now go around to the back, or your goose is cooked.

T: I see. I suppose you can bring in the boat and trailer. But you have to push them by hand, because you can't bring in a car. And you certainly can't hook them up to a team of Canada Geese!

H: See, and as I read it, the geese aren't allowed to enter unless they're bringing a boat and trailer with them. And they'd better be pushing them by hand, since geese can't drive.


You, sir, should not be successful. You, sir, are undeserving of success. But you, sir, are successful. Very successful. And therefore, I conclude that karma has failed. I ponder this. And I wonder if my theories on poetic justice are lacking in some way.

I hope you are bald.


On a different and more important note, marks are out. I'm trying to make my peace with it. It's a 78%. It annoys me that it's so low. But at least it's a passing grade and I don't have to retake the class. That's a good thing.

Bad grade. And my pretty sisal purse fell in the mud today.

Baby's teething and crabby. And he thinks it's funny when I sternly admonish him for doing dangerous things. And he beat me up. With a kitchen utensil that he was playing with today. And risked life and limb attempting a climbing activity that I could not prevent; I just had to keep grabbing him and saying "No". And he laughed and tried it again. What a fun game!

When nothing else worked, I resorted to using a time-out, and I put him in his crib briefly. Ten minutes to chill out. I'd prefer to do this over having him continue his actions and possibly get hurt. I have no way to bar him from the activity in question, and I have to teach him that it's dangerous and that he oughtn't to do that.

He was most upset at being in his crib for ten minutes (I timed it). When I went back to get him, he refused to be consoled. I cuddled him and talked gently to him, telling him how much I love him and how I just don't want him to get hurt. He can't understand me, but he knows I love him. He calmed down. He played. And he didn't repeat the dangerous activity for quite some time. But he tested the waters again eventually.

We went out.

I've been tired and hot and crabby. But I am glad that it is cooling down a bit now, and I am thankful for the rain.

I am at peace. J is asleep. H is watching television and talking on the phone. And it is good.

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