Saturday, July 22, 2006

Havin' a Heatwave

Tonight, H was dancing around the kitchen with J.

Sometimes, H likes to sing to entertain J.

"Your mommy loves you
And you love her
Your kitties have fur"
I love my husband!


We're havin' a heatwave. It's bad. I don't know if it's cooler outside or in just now, but it's bad either way. It's 1,867,897,675,952,311,245,809 degrees out. And I'm meeeelllting. Meeeeeeeeelllllllllting!!

I awoke today, warm but otherwise okay. But within a couple of hours, I developed a migraine. Mostly, I speculate, from dehydration. Why? Because it's 1,867,897,675,952,311,245,809 degrees out. And I'm losing moisture rapidly. I also have asthma. Asthma adores the heat, and it comes out to play quite regularly. Asthma medication causes headaches. As does lack of oxygen from the asthma attack.

My head was pounding away. It was terrible. And so we canceled plans with our friends for the evening. And we spent the day in search of air-conditioned environments. Every time we would go into an air-conditioned environment, my migraine would lessen. And when we'd leave, it would return. But I fail to see the correlation. Really.

We bought a new car a few years ago. It does not have air conditioning. Yes. We are that stupid. The fan usually works well. But not today. Today, it only blew hot air. The old car doesn't have a/c either. It's a very old car. And in fact, it only blows hot air at any point in time. The fan is broken.

Today, we went shopping. It was air conditioned!! It was heaven!!! "I am going to live in the Home Depot store!!!!" No such luck. We came home. J's usually cool milk had turned to a frothy steamed-milk beverage while we were driving in the car. It was frightening. We emptied the mug and washed it thoroughly. We hung out in the backyard. We baby-proofed more of the house. We put J in his little pool. He didn't stay in it for very long, but he was better today than he was yesterday.

Yesterday, we put him in the pool and he climbed out, ripped off his swim diaper, and tried to run around to the front of the house and streak down the street. I caught him about halfway to the front yard.

But today, he kept his swim trunks on, and he had some fun in the pool. He decided to dip his sippy cup in the water, but that's okay; it's clean water. And he had a good time. I waded in the baby pool. And it was wonderful! I think I may sleep there tonight.

H and I have always said that central air-conditioning is a luxury in our climate. We don't need it. We live in a cold climate. It only gets hot like this for a few days out of every year. The rest of the time, you pretty much keep the furnace on. But on days like these, I start to wonder. Is the central a/c worth it after all?

No. Of course it's not worth it. Not here. Not for a few days out of every year. Not when we have bills to pay, a basement to finish, a garage to build, a retaining wall to erect, and a car to replace. Not when we can't afford it. Not for us. No.

We have resolve. We are correct. Central a/c is not needed. We can cope. Yes, it's hot, but we will survive. We do not need central a/c. And more importantly, we cannot afford central a/c. So we will not get central a/c.

Alright then. I'm going to go pop a few more candied Tylenols now, and then I may vomit. It's fine. I'm sure the cost savings is totally worth it.



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Liz said...

The air-conditioning in our car no longer works, so we looked into getting it re-charged . . . $400!!!!!!

Blink. Blink.

It is so much because our car is old and still on freon so it would have to be retro-fitted.

$400 for the 2 months out of the year that it is hot. We can't. We just can't justify it.

. . . but it is reeeeeealy tempting on days like this.