Saturday, July 29, 2006

J stuff and general ramblings of the cryptic

Worked today. I don't usually work Saturdays, but I had a deadline to meet and needed the extra time. Productive. Got a lot done. Good. Cancelled plans with friends. Second week in a row. Bad. Will be seeing my friends next weekend, rain or shine. I want to have them over. They're important. I miss them.


J is getting better with foods. He's still not really into meats, though he did try a good sample of different foods at Taste of Ed. this week. He prefers spicy foods over bland, and really enjoyed the garlic chicken skewers and saffron curried rice. Also, we have discovered that J likes frozen bananas. Yes, they were chocolate dipped, but J had no interest in the chocolate; he just wanted to gobble up the frozen pieces of banana from under the chocolate. We'll have to freeze them like popsicles for him from now on.

Last night, we gave in and bought J his very own TV remote control. He likes it, but still prefers the one we use. Of course he does; ours lights up when you push the buttons. His doesn't, since it has no batteries.

J's communication skills are developing. He says "Mama", "Baby", "Up" and of course "Uh-oh". He can't make the "D" sound for "Dada" just yet, but he's working on it. So far, he just thinks we look funny when we say it. He laughs and laughs! He really loves the "Uh-oh" sound, and uses that one often. Every time he says it, H responds with "Uh-oh, Spaghettios" (for those who remember that old jingle). The other day, H was in a convenience store and I was hanging out in the car with J. J said "Uh-oh" and, when no one responded appropriately, he continued: "Uh-oh, Pasghettiba". H has been trying to get J to repeat this ever since, but so far, no luck.

J had a good day today. He played happily with his daddy while I was at work; they went to the playground together. He ate raspberries and cereal for breakfast. At lunch, he had Annie's bunny-shaped organic pasta & cheese and more raspberries. And for dinner, he ate more pasta & cheese and a Minigo. He napped well today, and he played hard. He was very happy. He sleeps now. He is a darling, and I love when he has those happy days. I'm just sad that I missed so much of it today. But it couldn't be helped.


Aspartame is insidious in everything. Four puffs of my inhaler later, and I still don't feel all better.


Rigmor said...

Aspartame is found in over 6000 products! Are you saying you react to the stuff? Because I do, but people tend to not believe me...

Trish said...

I sure do. I get really severe asthma attacks, migraine headaches, and massive stomach cramps if I have even a small amount. But sometimes, things are mislabeled, and you don't know until you get that taste.

It's a pretty nasty substance, isn't it? How do you react to it?

Mary said...

Glad J had a good day.

And soon, you should have one too!