Friday, July 07, 2006

He loves popsicles

Yes, popsicles are yummy. J has no flavor preference, but will eat any of cherry, grape, or orange popsicles. They can even entice him away from our electronic components for a short time. Good for hot weather, and good for entertaining J. Popsicles are a favorite in the household now.

We went to an air-conditioned mall the other night to stay cool. We stopped off to visit Uncle A. J insisted that he be carried instead of being pushed in the stroller. While carrying J, something seemed odd. I looked down, and realized that J had managed to wriggle out of his diaper, and it was kind of wrapped around one ankle, providing no protection whatsoever. We quickly remedied the problem, and then continued on to show Uncle A the rather ... questionable ... lamp we had seen earlier. Stopped at the games store also, where we saw a Spongebob Squarepants Frisbee. ("It's Spongebob Squarepants. But it's round", I cried out. And the salesperson laughed appreciatively, insisting that he hadn't heard that one before.) J had fun at the mall. Ate half a hotdog, then gagged and threw up, of course. What else is new. I eagerly await his appointment.

Yesterday, J apparently ate raspberries and blueberries. Not mashed or cut up, either. Whole berries. He thought they were delicious. But we weren't there to see it. He really won't do it for us. I wonder what's up with that.

There are a couple of new games J will play now. He enjoys playing tag, and will run into the kitchen and entice us to chase him about. This is all good, as long as the oven isn't on. We need a second gate to keep him away from the hot oven. Last night, J chased H into the kitchen, then locked him in the bathroom. Silly child!

The other new game is this: If you ask J "Where's your nose?", he will wrinkle his nose up and snort at you. So cute!

However, what is not cute is this: J has decided that H is not permitted to cuddle him before sleep any longer. We tried to let H do this little job last night. And J retaliated, and decided to stay awake until 1:00, when I had to pick him up and give him a quick 15 minute snuggle. Then he went to sleep.

I am tired. It was a long day yesterday. It's been hot. I'm glad it's Friday.


Liz said...

Mmmmmmmmm popsicles!

BTW, I get back tomorrow. Four hours in the car and then a plane ride. Joy. Oh well, at least the plane should be air-conditioned.

Trish said...

Can't wait to see you. You've been missed.

I hope the trip back isn't too painful.