Monday, July 10, 2006

Cherries are yummy

Nez's blog reminded me. Our Nanking Cherry produced a bit more this year. Still not many berries out there, but there were some. Over time, it's expected to be a heavy producer, and we can expect many pounds of yummy cherries each July. They're smaller than Okanogan cherries, and a nice bright red. And you have to get to them fast, because the birds like them too. And oh my lord, are they ever good! Really sweet and juicy, and totally delicious, you can eat them right off the shrub or make cherry jelly. If you have the time. Or the skill. Or the inclination. None of which apply to me. As if there were any doubt.

Mmmmm ... cherries. We planted the shrub by our front veranda, and the branches grow through the slats so we can pick the fruit and enjoy it while hanging out on our nicely shaded porch swing. How freakin' suburbia is that??


And in other news, PayPal sucks!

Apparently, when a dishonest vendor makes false promises to provide goods and then fails to deliver, you're on your own. And when said vendor eventually 'fesses up and refunds your money, it's still no good. Why? Because you were forced to pay with PayPal. And PayPal sucks.

In order to receive your refund, you are first required to set up an unwanted PayPal account. And then you have to jump through a bunch of hoops and request your refund from the PayPal system. And they make you pay a service charge in order to get back the money that was essentially stolen from you in the first place.

I hate them so much. Almost as much as I hate the dishonest vendor.


All this, just because I want to get my child a set of Peter Rabbit books that are out of print now. They were my favorites as a child. I want him to have them. And I'm feeling rather taken-advantage-of just at the moment over the whole thing.

PayPal sucks. (Have I mentioned that?)


Liz said...

Perhaps you could get them to refund the money to Paul's Paypal account and then we could give the money to you.

Anonymous said...

I love Paypal. It enables me to make mucho denero online with string, and yoyo trade/sales/purchases. Super convenient, quick, easy, and they charge a minimal fee that I can happily justify.


Trish said...

They suck. They really suck. And when you think they can't suck anymore, they just keep on sucking, worse than before.

Paypal may be a wonderful and convenient tool for vendors. But as a consumer, I hate them. So much.