Saturday, July 15, 2006

Conversations of the Car

H: Don't you hate the "Apple Jacks" jingle? It's so annoying! "A is for Apple. J is for Jacks". As if we don't know that!

T: Well, really, you can use pretty much any word combination and come up with something that makes about as much sense. "H is for Hippo. S is for Slaw. Cinnamon toasted Hippo Slaw". See how that works?

H: Now that's just silly. Obviously, Hippo Slaw is a salad, so it should be served cold. Why would you toast it?


(With J screaming in the backseat, and T in need of medication.)

T: Did you see that sign?

H: Yes. I saw it.

T: "Chips & Crack"???

H: They're talking about windshield repair.

T: I know. But it sounds tasty right about now.

H: "C is for Chips. C is for Crack. Cinnamon toasted Chips & Crack". You're right; it does work with anything.


Rigmor said...

it does sound like you have a lot funnier adverts there!!

Draya's Mom said...

You mad me laugh out loud at work!