Monday, July 03, 2006

It's too darned hot

Poor little J is constantly thirsty and sweaty. Both ceiling fans are going non-stop. I have a sunburn for the second time in my life. My hair is soaked with sweat. I keep getting headaches ...

It's way too hot.

Today, I couldn't even eat, I was feeling so ill from the heat. Me. Not eating. Can you believe it? If this keeps up, I may eventually lose my lovely beachball-like shape! And it's taken me years of inactivity and cheeseburger eatin' to achieve it. What a shame!

Seriously though. These days, every day that I am off of work, I take J for a walk around the lake in the mornings. A nice high-paced walk. We go past the big $750,000 houses, and down around the lake, and then up past the moderately lower priced houses with the fancy landscaping (waterfalls optional) and back home. I'm trying to get more exercise and shed some of these unwanted pounds. But it's not working. I'm still gaining weight, and am getting really irritated about it.

Okay. Yes. There is a lake in our neighbourhood. Though what it's good for, I can't begin to imagine. There are signs all over the place. "No wading. No swimming. Boating is not recommended. Do not throw rocks in the lake (Bylaw xxx)". No throwing ROCKS in the water?!?! Why the heck not??? I guess the lake's entire purpose is to look pretty. It does. Objective met.

Pretty view or not, I still think $750,000 for a house in my community is a wee bit unreasonable.

Hot. Tired. Sticky. Getting grumpy.

I am glad that my office is air-conditioned. I wish my car were as well; it gets so hot these days I can't even hold the steering wheel when I leave the office for the day. Makes driving home interesting. But the office is air-conditioned, and there, I will get some relief. Maybe I'll even be able to EAT!!

Shorter days now; summer hours. I can't wait for morning.

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