Monday, July 17, 2006

The Agony and the Exhaustion

It was an eventful weekend.

Friday night, we met up with an old friend who was sadly in town for his father's funeral. We hadn't seen him in a long time. I was glad that he had some time to see us, even if the reasons why he was in town were bad. J pitched a fit at the Second Cup, and we had to leave pretty early. (He just hates sitting still.)

Saturday, we took my mother-in-law shopping, and then we all met up with my brother-in-law and his wife for his birthday lunch. Then we took my car over to my parents' place so Dad could stop the radiator from leaking. (It's still leaking a bit, but we don't know why.) And then, of course, the vandalized garden happened. Ticked me off. We didn't do a lot else. But after J was asleep, we decided to use our Shaw-Video-On-Demand feature for the first time, and we watched "The Producers" (the new one). It was pretty darned good.

Yesterday, we met up with my birthmom for brunch. We haven't seen her in a really long time, and it was good to get caught up. J refused to let her hold him.

Then we stopped off to get a present for L&P's little girl, G. She's 2 years old now, and what a little cutie! We went over there for a BBQ and to hang out with friends. Much fun was had. G's sister, I, is really cute too. She's the big girl in the group, and she enjoys showing the little babies how to do things. She had fun playing with J, and even helped us change his diaper; she distracted him during the ordeal so he wouldn't cry and squirm. I think she will make an excellent babysitter some day; she really seems to like the really little kids.

Moody yesterday. Ate ice cream. J wouldn't nap, and kept throwing tantrums. He also refused to sleep last night, and decided that he was in an insecure place. He needed to be cuddled. A lot. Even after he had fallen asleep (we can usually move him without issue, but not last night). We were up really late. And I awoke disoriented and insisted that we had to get up or we'd be late. It was early.

I am tired. I hope I can make it through today without passing out at my desk.

'Night ... zzzzzzzz ...

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Liz said...

There is a machinery noise at my desk that is making me insane. Apparently it is the air conditioning system. Must try to work now, but pounding and rattling noise does not help!