Tuesday, July 11, 2006



PayPal continues to suck.

And don't send me customer service satisfaction surveys when you clearly don't care what I think of you and have no desire to provide me with effective service in any event!

Now process my refund, give me back my 50 bleeding cents, and let me be done with you.

Why is that so hard?


Yes. Your assertions are correct. Irrelevant and inconsequential. But correct. Good for you.

Collect two IQ points from petty cash, and go home.


J's appointment is tomorrow. So tomorrow, I have to take my precious little boy who I love more than life itself to the hospital. Where they will try to make him vomit to see why he is so fussy and doesn't eat.

Maybe it's because he doesn't want to vomit. Maybe it's painful to puke. Ever think of that?


I am a little black raincloud...

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