Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lovin' the bathtimes

J adores baths. He is a real water-baby now. Odd, since he used to hate bathtime so vehemently. Now, he will just lie down in the tub and flatly refuse to move. Even after all of the water has been drained out and he's shivering with cold. He will fight all efforts to remove him from the tub.

T: Do you want to sleep there?
J: Yeah!

J's Uncle C & Auntie L gave him some bathtime presents for Christmas this year. He loves his new toys (Octipals), and his new towel too. He loves to run about the house in the towel before and after his bath, and will insist on "Towel" before he gets taken to the tub.

Here are some pictures of J during and after bathtime.

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