Monday, December 11, 2006

He loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah

J is in his "Yeah" phase. He says "Yeah" to pretty much anything asked with inflection.

Tonight, I was snuggling J to sleep. We were having a conversation, and he suddenly just stopped talking to me.

T: Are you giving Mommy the silent treatment?
J: Yeah.
T: Are you mad at Mommy?
J: Yeah.
H: Are you a Christmas turkey?
J: Yeah.
H: With cranberry stuffing?
J: Um ... mm ... Yeah.


J had an eventful weekend. Swimming on Saturday, then he got to see his Memaw before she leaves town for a bit. He was pretty happy.

Sunday, we had Christmas parties going on. And then ... we ended up at the Emergency. J had "man-trouble". He is okay, but we were alarmed. So we sat there at Emergency for five hours. I am relieved that he is alright. He's extremely tired, and not quite himself. I hope my little boy will return to his normal sweet self very soon.


Today, Santa visited the office. (Yet another reason why my job rocks!) J received a Tigger Plane Activity Ride-On, which is a fantastic toy. It has a steering wheel with buttons that you push, resulting in music and various other noises, lights flashing on the dashboard, a propellor that lights up and spins furiously, and a Tigger and Roo duo that hops up and down in the front. It has a seat that lifts up for storage (J can put his Panda in there quite nicely).

J likes his toy. A lot.

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