Thursday, December 07, 2006

If the courier never comes ...

Well, the courier allegedly delivered my textbooks. To my address. And put them in the mailbox. The mailbox of my lovely light grey house with the dark grey trim.

Problems with this include:

1. I have no textbooks.
2. I have no mailbox.
3. I do not live in a light grey house.
4. My house has white trim.

I feel irritable.

Not only do I not have a mailbox, but nobody in my community actually has a mailbox. Why? Because it is one of those communities with the big central mailbox with the keys. So any mailboxes on the houses would be for decorative purposes only, and certainly would not be big enough to hold the monstrous textbook that I have been told comes with my Economics materials.


I need the books so that I can start my course readings this weekend, after my current course finishes up on Friday night.

Whatever. Apparently, the courier has decided that I need a break. Apparently, the courier has decided that I am stressed out and should not start my readings this weekend. But I feel just fine. And the fact that I want to seriously maim the courier is not indicative of my stress level in the least; it is just indicative of his (or her) incompetence.

Dear Courier:

Deliver my materials now, you stupid buffoon, or I shall beat you about the head with a DVD player.

The Management

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