Saturday, December 23, 2006


H, who has been a very good boy all year long, is getting a 42" foosball table from Santa. This will be very handy. The basement is going to get finished this year, and the foosball table will go down there. Obviously. Between that and my dartboard, we should be able to set up a handy little games area. Cool!

Did I mention how much I love sales? It was one of those blue-light specials, and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and was able to grab it for $25!


On a less positive note, I have another kidney infection. The doctor actually thinks it may be a stone. In any event, bring on the antibiotics. This is most icky. Hurts quite a bit.

I've also had a muscle spasm in my neck and a resultant headache for several days. Feels awful. Pain meds aren't touching it, 'cause the muscle spasm has to go away first. Muscle relaxants haven't touched it either, though. Just tried a nice jetted bath, and I'm going to relax on the wet heating pad to see if it will ease this terrible knot out. It feels like a big lump in the neck right by the base of the skull. No wonder my head hurts.


On to other things. I've started my next course. Economics is not particularly riveting, but I'm doing my best. Working on a multiple choice quiz:

If A and B are substitutes, what will an increase in the price of A lead to?

(a) A positive cross elasticity value for the two products
(b) A negative cross elasticity value for the two products
(c) T falling asleep over her Economics textbooks
(d) T gouging out her eyes with her pen so she has something else to do

I hope this gets a little better as the course progresses. It's hard enough to find motivation to study when the material is really interesting. This is just a bit dry. But at least it's relevant ... unlike that silly course I took in spring! So at least this is a bit better than was that one.


Can't wait for Christmas. I hope J likes all his presents!

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